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Registration date till Aug 30th 2020


Exciting Prizes for the winners

Cash prizes worth

for different themes of HILLYTECH HACKATHON Internship/ job offers/ goodies and many more..

Make an amazing choice by participating

Registration fee: Rs 1,000/-

Per Team

Maximum 5 Participant in a Team

TEST your Skills and get Rewarded

Vision of the Hackathon is to resolve the problem by involving students or individuals from different streams to work together to solve a problem more efficiently.

Read the problem statements for better understanding and solving.


Read Carefully guidelines for Eligibility, Team Formation, Project Development, Project submission etc.

Themes related

HILLYTECH HACKATHON provides an opportunity to come up with innovative solutions for Industrial and societal problems in different themes including Science and technology/ electronics/ Pandemic/ Networking/ Business/ Community



Networking means, connecting people to industries and nature to built the bridge. Our main aim in this theme is come up with some novel ideas which can encourage the current generation to connect with the nature and which can also solve the problem related to it.


In current situation like Covid-19 for which whole world was not prepared and society had been halted for its social and economic growth in this time. We welcome some ideas from students, individuals and professionals which can help the society to get back on track in terms of their social and economic development.


We can talk about implementation of any idea or product we always think about how the market welcome the product or new idea or whether the product will survive the current situation of the market. Here we welcome the student and professionals from business background to join with us to sustain the ideas and products in the current markets to help in economic development of the people in the society.

Science and Technology

Science and technology capabilities are the fundamental for social and economic development of any countries in various sectors like health, industrial etc. Various fields of study and interdisciplinary problem statement can result into better solution for the problems which society encounters in daily life. This hackathon aims to such problems which can solve those problems which are faced by society in their daily life.


In a country like India there are several communities which need development in terms of technology and economically so that the issues from everyday life can be resolved. We welcome ideas for community development which will ultimately leads to the development of rural areas from different states around the country.


Electronics plays an important role in development of any new device to make life more comfortable and simpler. Individuals, students and professionals from this field can help to build smart devices which can really benefits society in their daily life. Our aim is to build devices which will help us to reduce the e-waste.

Prize POOL

Criteria of the winners will be based on the novelty of idea, feasibility of implementation in any situation and how much it will sustain in the current market. Here below we have dividing the pool of prizes into four categories.

Winning teams will get cash prize worth rs. 1,00,000.00

  • Every participant can get an internship .
  • Top performing individuals will be rewarded with cash benefits and job opportunities.
  • Good performers can get part time job opportunities also.
  • Individuals can also grab the opportunities to work from home.


We will provide an internship to each and every participant which can be any free of cost training or any project development based on its performance in the hackathon.


can be like gift hampers

Job Opportunities

Winners can get the direct job opportunities -for the several positions like developers, Business development executives etc.,


like mobile phones, tablets, headphones etc.,


It is advised to form a multi-disciplinary team corresponding to your selected theme/problem statement to attract elimination stages benefits as decided by the organizing committee.

It is also advised to add female members in your team.

At the initial stages you only have to register your team, decide the problem statement in which you want to enroll yourself and submit only a brief writeup about your idea.

Post Idea submission process, a panel of experts will evaluate all the submitted ideas in a double blind-folded manner upon certain criterias like novelty, feasibility, team-feasibility,  impact scale, potential for further development, etc.

All the shortlisted teams will be announced tentatively upto 2nd week of september on the official website https://www.hillytechstarter.com/ and also through team leader’s registered email id.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
S. Yadav
Co-Founder & Head

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