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To entertain, inform and inspire the urban communities, through an unparalleled ethnic experience to explore, while traveling to the most untouched and unexplored places in remote hilly areas and thereby leading to enhancing their lifestyles and providing a source of income to the unprivileged people living there. So, they can have a good sustained life with all their basic necessities fulfilled.


  • Underdeveloped hilly areas.
  • Revenue sources are contained.
  • Ethnic Experience unavailable in urban areas.
  • Urban Migration.
  • Lack of safety and security during trekking
  • Unavailability of Skill sets training.
  • Unavailability of real raw data.
  • Renewable energy production sources are limited.
  • Opportunities for research scholars for gathering raw data.
  • CSR funds issued by companies are not scaled to the remote hilly areas.
Tours & Gift plant-A


  • Training People in remote hilly areas various skills that can help them build or design MFP i.e., Minor Forest Produce.
  • Providing Technological support through automatic or semi-automatic machines to the people for accelerating their productivity rate.
  • Developing intelligent products which can help tourists assure their safety during travel or trekking.
  • Setting up off some temporary or permanent ventures where the produced MFP and the provided intelligent products can be traded in the form of rental or sell basis.
  • Setting up renewable energy sources which will eliminate the scarcity of energy at that place.
  • Training the local peoples about various techniques those can be used for water harvesting and recycling.
  • Special tour arrangement and technical assistance for research scholars to assist them in real-raw data collection based upon their research topic.
  • Root level CSR activity planning for Hilly areas where parts of the funds will be used for aiding improvement and sustainable development.