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After successful completion of HillyTech Hackathon 2020, Now Get Ready for the 2021 Hackathon


about HillyTech Starter

HillyTech Starter Society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

Hillytech Starter is established under group of senior researcher who put forth their prolific efforts to promote myriad Research & Development activities in the domain of Engineering, Technology, Management, Social Science and Bio-Technology. Researchers, academician, scientist, scholars being an integral part of HillyTech Starter Foundation exhibits their exquisite valor to deal with quandaries so as to achieve exalting results within given time frame.​​​

Hilly state faces the challenge of promoting livelihoods to minimize migration through local employment and income generation and to enhance the quality of life of people living in villages.​​

Hillytech starter


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Ever Felt Suffocated in your daily schedule of life

Tour To Unexplored Places

Join us for a tour into a world crafted by nature and untouched by humans.

Feel the beauty of nature in an exotic way where you can bless your soul with foods, drinks and events that are ethnic to various diversified culture.


While enjoying the nature, leave it on us to provide you with all the necessary facilities that will make your trip a memorable one and make you ready again to face the hectic schedule of life.

Know your sprit?

Hackathon & Competitions

Organizing open hackathons and competitions for encouraging mass brain storming and idea formation that can later formulate itself for achieving the various sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Hackathon & Competitions

Call for papers!

Conferences & Seminars

A global platform to emboss the real need of concrete ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through dialogues in conferences and seminars.

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Prizes & Recognitions

A platform which can help not only the deserving peoples/leaders from urban society but also from the remote hilly areas to get a global exposure where they can be praised for their contributions towards a sustainable growth.

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competition hillytech

Skill Set for new Generation!

Training & workshops

HillyTech Starter Foundation actively organize various events, Summer Training Programs, Internship, Seminar, to guide and encourage Curious minds from all the domain of society to step forward and understand future’s aspect and develop ideas to restructure things in sophisticated manner.

A platform which can help not only the deserving peoples/leaders from urban society but also from the remote hilly areas to get a global exposure where they can be praised for their contributions towards a sustainable growth.

Talk with Tech Experts!

Technical Talks

A global platform to ensure the representation of diverse experiences and broad knowledge sharing, while encouraging discussions around implementation issues.

Technical talks
colaboration hillytech

Tointroduce the latest innovations


Making the resources available for all with a common objective to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Open for collaborations with individual, institutions or industries for any kind of assistance required in any of the similar paced objectives stated by HillyTech Starter.

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