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International Conference on Futuristic Sustainable Energy & Technology-2021

International Conference on Futuristic sustainable Energy & Technology-2021

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It is sustainable energy that is never going to be lost or used up. It is all about seeking safe sustainable sources of energy that can renew them rather than the source that can be depleted.

Over the last five years, at the time of the Industrial Revolution, the development of advanced inventions and technology has changed at the same time. In addition to development, we face a range of challenges to life from environmental contamination, lower energy, and water resources. So we have seriously rethought the new architecture model.


Aims and Objectives of the conference

This International Conference is dedicated to the advancement of energy efficiency to mitigate consumption, ensure and replenish, expand and reuse elective energy supplies, and to replicate the damage caused by previous energy initiatives.

This conference will draw together leading experts, scholars, educators, professionals, and development researchers to exchange their meetings and discuss the impact of renewable technology, energy frameworks, and environmental identification. It will offer a large stage of experimentation for practitioners, experts, and teachers to incorporate and analyze their latest developments, as well as the trends and difficulties encountered and the ongoing evolution of the stage in these areas.

Scope of Conference

The whole planet has become innovative, and energy is the authoritative source of a wide variety of material indications that advance in the design and mechanical growth of natural science. We are progressing into the primary quarter of the 21st century, with rapid advances in economic exercises powered by architecture and mechanical wonders imaginable because customized materials are regulated at the nano-and atomic-level with tunable properties.

The HillyTech Starter Society is a group of individuals engaged in constant social contact, or a large social group occupying the same geographical or social territory, usually subject to the same political authority and prevailing cultural expectations.

It is set up under a group of senior researchers who have worked hard to support a myriad of research and development programs in the fields of engineering, technology management, social sciences, and biotechnology. Researchers, academicians, scientists, scholars who are an integral part of the Hillytech Starter Foundation demonstrate their exquisite courage in coping with deadlines to produce exalting outcomes within a given timeframe.

This conference gives us extra encouragement to develop interdisciplinary research practices and make the financial and earth-friendly turn of events perfect.

submission Deadline

25 August 2021

Date of Conference

19-20 September 2021