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Gift a Pet plant


Our ultimate dream is to make gardening the most loved hobby for people from all sectors of the society, where they can not only have plants as cute pets but also can directly aid in plantation and thereby in the mission towards a greener and sustainable earth.


  • Eco-Friendly Gift.
  • Love for Gardening but no time.
  • Skills required for proper gardening.
  • Unhandled care of plants during vacations
  • No means of monitoring our pet plants when we are away
  • No inclusion of common people in plantation under govt initiatives.
Gift plant -1


  • An online platform where users can choose from a wide range of plants sorting through various categories like indoor plants, outdoor plants, water plants, etc. depending on the occasion for the gift.
  • The gifted plant will be automatically shifted for plantation and will be assigned a pet name as wished by the user.
  • Smart devices to be specially designed and used for real-time monitoring and remote gardening of the pet plant.
  • The user will be provided with an app where he/she can remotely monitor the real-time parameters like humidity and temperature level of his/her pet plants.
  • Real-time intelligent suggestions will be generated through the application for the user to remind him/her to water the plants or stop the water supply because of rain, etc.
  • Any special attention needy event can also be notified to the user after which user can arrange any special care for the plant if required. For which we will assist them with skilled workers working in wage-basis.
  • Due to elimination of any dependency over resources or time for gardening, many common people can be encouraged to have their own or gift someone a pet plant which will directly aid to the sustainable development goal (SDG) in terms of life on land i.e., afforestation.