HillyTech Starter Pvt Ltd

Hackathons & Competitions


Organizing open hackathons and competitions for encouraging mass brain storming and idea formation that can later formulate itself for achieving the various sustainable development goals (SDGs).


  • Competitions, hackathons, and other events focused on sustainable development goals (SDGs) are rare and hard to find.
  • This scarcity poses a challenge to individuals and organizations who want to contribute to SDGs as they struggle to find platforms to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions.
  • The lack of access to such events may hinder the progress of sustainable development initiatives as potential solutions and ideas remain untapped or undiscovered.
  • Limited opportunities for engagement and collaboration on SDGs may result in missed opportunities for knowledge-sharing and collective action towards achieving these goals.


  • Hillytech Starter Foundation aims to address the lack of funding and support for sustainable development projects in hilly regions. Many potential projects may not be realized due to financial constraints, and the foundation seeks to provide seed funding and other resources to help these projects come to fruition.

  • Furthermore, there is often a lack of awareness and understanding of the SDGs among the general public and even among professionals in various fields. Hillytech Starter Foundation aims to educate and raise awareness about the SDGs through various initiatives such as workshops, training programs, and outreach events.

  • Finally, the foundation recognizes the need for collaboration and networking among different stakeholders including researchers, industry professionals, policymakers, and local communities. By bringing these stakeholders together and facilitating meaningful discussions and collaborations, Hillytech Starter Foundation aims to create a more coordinated and effective approach towards achieving the SDGs in hilly regions and beyond.