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Hillytech Research Excellence Award (REA)/ Young Achiever Award (YAA)

The Hillytech Research Excellence Award/Young Achiever Award is intended to inspire researchers by offering awards to their research paper published in some of the world’s leading international journals or conferences. The selection process and the rewards of the both awards are the same. By default, the title of the award will be the Research Excellence Award, but the Young Achiever Award will be presented to those who prefer it and who are under 40 years of age.

Benefits of Research Excellence Award/ Young Achiever Award:

  • A hard copy of the certificate with the respective Award Title and Memento will be issued where the awardee’s name will be provided.
  • The Hillytech Professional membership, which is worth Rs.2000/-will be awarded. The Membership ID card and the Certificate will be awarded to all participants. For more information and benefits, please visit the Hillytech web page hillytechstarter.com/membership-and-its-benefits/.
  • The information of the registered participants along with the photo will be published in the Hillytech Yearbook.
  • His/her details will be displayed on our awards domain on Hillytech web page. For more information awards page, visit to www.hillytechstarter.com/price-recognition/
  • He/She may be invited as a session chair/resource person for HillyTech events in his/her area of expertise.

Document and checklist for HillyTech Research Excellence Award/ Young Achiever Award:

Teaching faculty of any grade can apply for this award with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

  • One of his/her best research papers (already published in the last five years) must be chosen by the nominee for the prize. The Hillytech Review Committee will decide on the technical weighting of the document, the publisher’s criteria, the impact factor, the quotations, etc.
  • Passport size photo (Image)
  • College/Employee ID Proof
  • Profile
  • Proof of publication – Certificate of conference/journal/patent
  • Full papers (best 5)
  • Link of publication
  • Award nomination form

Who can apply?

  • Faculty from degree college/ engineering/ management/ law/pharmacy
  • Faculty with minimum 2 years of experience in academics
  • Applicant should have postgraduate degree or above