Problem Statement for HillyTech Hackathon 2021

  1. A single stock management with billing & invoice software that will use a secret & a unique key to activate with time limit. It can be activated through mobile app.
    • A software based application can be developed and scaled mainly to the retail businesses where they can dynamically add their stocks and then can easily maintain their digital records about the transactions in real time easily.
  2. Wireless Hardware device (based on ESP/ GPRS) with Website that can receive the float, int kind of data & display that on website through internet.
    • An IoT enabled system made with microcontrollers and modules having capabilities to connect to the internet using WiFi or Mobile network that are dynamically programmed and designed to share any data received by the microcontroller to an IoT server through Application Programming Interface. Further the data received can be sorted and used for storage and analysis
  3. Low-cost small plug & play device that can check the air pressure in vehicle tyre/ Wheel, & display that on mobile app.
    • A device based on a microcontroller integrated with précised low resolution but robust pressure sensors to sense the real time pressure of the vehicle tyre/ Wheel and then send it to the dedicated mobile application either in a local network or through an IoT server or both.
  4. A Low-cost GPS device with mobile app that can share the live location through mobile app to social platform
    • A device that uses a microcontroller and a GPS to get the present coordinates. This data is then shared to a dedicated application which further uses it to plot the travelled route and other memories during the travel on a social platform.
  5. Smart Autonomous Carry-On Suitcase.
    • A smart autonomous carry-on suitcase having capabilities to maintain a desired temperature inside the suitcase, share its current location into a dedicated app, alert when the owner goes farther from a specified distance, and additionally can follow the owner autonomously.
  6. Intelligent Customer Centric Mobile app that can display the worker’s live location with time to reach the customer.
    • A software-based system in the form of android and iOS application which can create a network of customers and wage-based workers for a specific work, a customer can choose from a number of workers nearby having desired skills and also based upon some other factors like time to reach and wage demand of the worker.
  7. Offline AI based Chabot that can activate through the name & answer the predefined queries. It can store the asked question to the local server & revert it through the same channel.
    • An assistant having capability to resolve users query and also having customizable conversations for some predefined queries that should work without having any severe dependency over internet.
  8. Pet GPS tracker to track the pet & their behavior.
    • An GPS based device to be used in the collar of pet animals which will share the real time GPS coordinates of the pet to a server where the data received will be sorted and will further be used to track the current position of the pet and also to analyses the behavior of the pet based upon its past movement activities.
  9. Wearable women safety device and its supporting hardware to connect with central authorities.
    • A dedicated wearable device for children and women with features like real-time tracking, SOS, etc that can be easily accessible by their families and security authorities in case of an activated SOS.
  10. AI enabled chatbot monitor energy consumption of home and its supporting hardware.
    • A system to monitor the energy consumption of various electrical appliances using dedicated hardware and use the data to analyze, plan and predict a best suitable usage plan for optimum energy bills.
  11. Landslide information network in hilly area and its supporting hardware.
    • A system of network consisting of various end nodes to be deployed in hilly terrain areas prone to landslides that can sense any abnormal behavior of the terrains indicating towards a landslide by using the vibration, land shift and rainfall data of the hills and then alert to the central node using long range RF.
  12. Automatic Solid Waste collection alert system with supporting software and hardware.
    • An automatic waste collection system consisting of autonomous dustbins that can collect wastes on scheduled times from predefined places and can also generate real-time alert about the current capacity of the dustbins to a central node.
  13. Innovative gadget/toys for entertainment and security purposes
    • Some gadget and toys can be made to be used for entertainment purposes and also should have features like baby monitoring, object tracking, etc.
  14. Solar power assisted portable gadget for Tour and tracking
    • A dedicated device powered by solar energy having capabilities to guide the tourists in remote areas by using offline map navigation and GPS.
  15. Your open innovative idea.
    • Participant can submit his/her idea in relevance with our themes which will analyzed and shortlist based on theme factors.